Shanna Belott

I'm a content marketer and ghostwriter who elevates the visibility of leaders, companies, and ideas. I ghostwrite and produce articles, blogs, videos, books (short and long-form), collateral, speeches, copy, presentations, and other content. I also pitch and place content on high authority sites. Guided by deep research, I help clients shape their thoughts into the stories that no one else is telling about their industries and the world.

Samples of hundreds of ghostwriting pieces over the years. In no particular order.

Amazon: "Everyone Serves: A Handbook for Family & Friends of Service Members: During Pre-Deployment, Deployment and Reintegration"

About the process of ghostwriting "Everyone Serves:" This 348-page book was part of a multimedia campaign sponsored by Vulcan Productions, founded by philanthropist Paul G. Allen, to support the PBS series, "This Emotional Life." I produced this two-year outreach campaign for ProSocial, a social change agency hired by Vulcan, and I co-ghostwrote the first edition of this book. To create this book, I brought in veterans advocate Stephen Robinson as a volunteer advisor. He helped me shape the focus of our campaign around military families and create the structure of this book. Together, Robinson and I wrote the early drafts leading to the book's first publication. I interviewed military experts, service members, military families, and mental health professionals, and I created an advisory board of subject matter experts. To sell the book within the military, I engaged the support of the office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon. Their backing helped me source and close a deal with the Department of Defense to purchase and distribute the book to military bases across the country. The overall campaign was honored with an award by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. "Everyone Serves" is now available on Amazon and Kindle.
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