Shanna Belott

I'm a content marketer and ghostwriter who elevates the visibility of leaders, companies, and ideas. I ghostwrite and produce articles, blogs, videos, books (short and long-form), collateral, speeches, copy, presentations, and other content. I also pitch and place content on high authority sites. Guided by deep research, I help clients shape their thoughts into the stories that no one else is telling about their industries and the world.

Samples of hundreds of ghostwriting pieces over the years. In no particular order.

CFO Magazine: ESG is Now Table Stakes — Is Your Company Still On the Sidelines?

We often say today’s best practices are tomorrow’s requirements. Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives are no exception. Today, most large-cap leaders have well-established ESG programs and are evolving their approach and finding new ways to attract sustainability-focused investors. At the same time, many mid- and small-cap companies struggle with how to even begin to organize their ESG journey.

ER staffing coverage woes? Data shows the solution is strategic deployment, not new hires

Here’s a riddle: how can you improve your hospital’s staff coverage without hiring new employees? Answer: by working smarter with what you’ve got. Seems obvious, but our evidence shows that it’s true. The answer to understaffed ERs isn’t to chase ever more hires (if you can even find and afford those new hires.) The solution is simpler and more solvable than most people realize.

5 Ways to Engage Millennial Employees Through Cause

They’re motivated by purpose-filled work, even though money is a huge concern. Thirty-six percent depend on financial support from family and 7 in 10 young workers don’t have enough saved to cover two months of living expenses, according to Pew Social Research. But ninety percent are more interested in a fun work environment that they love than one with a lot of cash. Having grown up during a time when instant gratification became the norm, made possible by advances in technology, Millennials’

Why the RaDonda Vaught case is a rallying cry to improve nursing staffing models

Just when you thought the nursing shortage couldn’t get any worse, a decision by a Tennessee jury deepened the national crisis. When RaDonda Vaught was convicted in March for a fatal medical mistake, many nurses across the country considered it the final straw. "The RaDonda case could have been any one of us who was busy, tired, overwhelmed, and trying to do the right thing," Christen Bryce, RN, a New York-based mental health and substance abuse nurse, told Becker's.

Check out the Cool Ways that Brands and Influencers are Marketing Around Covid —

It was the long-awaited premiere of Saturday Night Live’s new season. The cast would finally be performing in person, after a pandemic season of virtual skits. NBC is a client of my celebrity and influencer marketing agency, The Loft Entertainment. Normally, I’d be working closely with the network’s PR team to support their premiere by providing influencers for their red carpet events. We’d tee it all up, the exposure would be smashing, then we’d give each other high-fives and get ready for the next one. But…life quarantino. Yeah.

“We’re In This Together;” Addiction Patients in Emerging Medication-Assisted Treatment Support Groups Discover a Community They Didn’t Think Existed

The phone has been ringing off the hook. We recently posted a blog about the nascent movement to develop support groups for patients in medication-assisted treatment (MAT). Our piece focused on our own experience with a MAT Group that I help manage in CleanSlate’s outpatient center in Worcester, Mass. Ever since this was published, the Worcester office has been flooded with patient inquiries and requests to join our MAT Group.
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